About Us

We are Ashvattha Technologies Pvt Ltd an early stage technology startup with an aim to create awareness and educate our fellow countrymen in achieving financial independence.

We are a team of IT & Services Industry professionals with passion towards Equity Market Investing. After spending couple of decades in the IT & Services industry we felt that time has come to share the knowledge earned in making investments through the equity markets. We learned that most of the stock market investors, including us are entering the stock market with inadequate knowledge and give up on investing forever after making initial losses. We learned from every situation and never gave up on investing. This helped us on finding the right methods for peaceful investing.

To spread the knowledge gained, we went on to create a product (www.dBPortfolios.com) for aspiring stock market investors. At dbportfoloios.com a normal user can invest virtual money to understand how the market functions, before risking the hard-earned money in financial markets.

As part of the academics & guidance from parents / guardians we are only taught about how to make a good career, however when it comes to managing personal finances our record is very poor and this is leading to making wrong financial decisions.

At dBPortfolios.com, we are willing to help anyone in developing understanding about making investments in the right manner. At dBPortfolios.com, we are not associated with any Asset Management Company or brokerage house for making revenue by commissions from investments made. Using the dBPortfolios stock market simulator is completely free & we only collect fees for providing the training and enabling advanced features for paid users. The advanced features will help aspiring investors in understanding the mistakes early and making right investments at right price for great returns in future.